How It Works

Every You Pick is a little different whether it’s peaches or other fruit each place you go likely does things a little differently.

Here are five easy steps to follow for a successful Pick with Florida Sweeties.

1. First off, you have to remember that peach season is fairly short. It starts in late April and hopefully lasting through early June. SOOO, when you decide you want to you pick peaches, make sure to check our website or our Florida Sweeties Facebook page (, ) to make sure we’re in season. You can also call at 727-320-5151!

2. Next, it helps to know that peaches ripen in waves. Every few days there will be fruit for picking. Meaning, there may be days we are closed to allow the fruit to replenish.  Make sure to check our website or Florida Sweeties Facebook page to for days and hours of operation before you head out into this beautiful countryside!

3, Once you’ve picked a good time and day, you need to pack up your family, your friends, your neighbors, ANYONE who wants to pick the most delicious peaches they will ever taste and drive, bike or walk to one of our three orchard locations.  Our addresses will be listed with days and times on our website and our Florida Sweeties Facebook page.

4. Upon arrival, you will grab one of our buckets at our welcome tent, which hold between 7-8 pounds of mouth watering fruit, and we will direct you to where to ripest, sweetest peaches are for picking. Then … YOU PICK!

5. After your bucket is overflowing with yummy peaches, you bring them backup to our welcome tent and we will bag you up and check you out! We take CASH AND CARDS! You get to take home some of most delicious and fresh peach goodness that you’ve ever experienced and have a great time too!

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