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Peachy Keen Orchard Open Sunday afternoon, March 26.

Good morning everyone, great news!   We still have fruit ripe and ready to pick at Peachy Keen Orchard!   Sunday should be a beautiful day, so come enjoy some time outside and take home some sweet, juicy Florida peaches!

We will be open
March 25 at
Peachy Keen Orchard! From
1:00pm-4:00 pm

The address is
15701 Jessamine rd.
Dade City, Fl. 33523

8 lb buckets are $15
We take cash and cards.

Hope to see you all there!

2017 Peach Season Is Here!

Get ready for peach picking because peach season has come early! Florida Sweeties is proud to announce that the 2017 picking season has come. Due to the short winter, an early bloom set on the trees, causing the harvest to come an entire month ahead of schedule.
There is still a lot of maturing fruit on the trees and some orchards that haven’t bloomed yet! We are in for a longer season this year! Whoohoo! And first fruit is here.

Orchard Locations

We have four orchards we rotate through, to give You Pickers the best opportunity to go home with plenty of luscious, perfectly ripe peaches.  Check our Facebook page at Florida Sweeties You-Pick Peaches, or call 727 320 5151 to find out which orchard is open for You Pick, which days, and what hours.

Florida Sweeties Naturals Orchard

13023 Curley Rd.

Dade City, FL  33525

(Organic Practices)


Rusty Creek Orchard

13822 Scharber Rd

Dade City, FL  33525


Greishop Orchard

32999 Grieshop Rd.

Dade City, FL  33525


Peachy Keen Orchard

15701 Jessamine Rd.

Dade City, FL  33523